Study Breaks Will Attend Houston Beer Fest

Houston Beer Fest Houston Beer Fest It’s official. Study Breaks will attend this years Houston Beer Fest, an annual event where various breweries come together to supply us Houstonians with beer, beer, and more beer! Musicians such as Riff Raff, Chamillionaire, Quiet Company, Mutemath, and Senior Juke Box will perform as well. The event takes […]

UT Alcohol Sales

Alcohol Sales OK’ed at UT Football Games

Alcohol Sales OK’ed at UT Football Games In honor of the first alcohol being sold in a game during Rice, concessions will be offering $2 sake shots all afternoon, and will feature half-price domestics and $4 wells. Ladies will get half-off before 8:00, and every Friday night there will be $3 you-call-‘ems. The wine sales […]

Praia Urbana 2015

Pria Urbana 2015: A True Visual-Audio Experience

Praia Urbana, the largest electronic music festival in Texas was a blast. Study Breaks had the pleasure of being invited by our friend DJ Bobby Blyss who always puts on a great performance behind the turn tables. There was a plethora of lights and sounds emitting off the stage, with laser beams of all colors […]


Summer Grubbin: Lenoir

Lenoir Food in Texas tends to run a little schizophrenic, constantly stuck in an identity crisis resulting from its multi-ethnic background. Unfortunately, while delicious, many of the cuisines adored in Texas are ill suited for summer consumption. When the mercury rises, the temperature dictates not only what to eat, but how to cook it. Lenoir […]


Texas Toast – Sonic

SONIC As comedian Cody Hustak points out, you can drive to Sonic between 2:00 and 4:00 for half-price drinks, or you can rollerblade there anytime for free food and money. And while my strict moral and professional code legally obligates me to discourage identity fraud, I find within Hustak’s criminal suggestion a salient point about […]

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Mama Margie’s

Mama Margie’sReader Rating 1 Vote90%RESTAURANT OF THE MONTH: MAMA MARGIE‘S (San Antonio) Although always a wise move to minimize unnecessary interactions with the police, the presence of the men and women in blue always acts as an effective—albeit shady—indicator of a popular late-night restaurant. When the municipal authorities have come to the conclusion that an […]

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Matty Matheson: Millennials’ Anthony Bourdain

Matty Matheson: The Next Big Name in Food Canada’s Greatest Culinary Export Behind Syrup   VICE magazine’s Munchies has churned out yet another rising celebrity in Matty Matheson, the chef and larger-than-life personality from New Brunswick, Canada. Matheson’s cooking career brought him into the spotlight after he opened the wildly popular restaurant Parts and Labour […]

Hunter S. Thompson

The Rum Diary: The Perfect Summer Book

The Rum Diary is Essentially the Perfect Summer, Captured in a Novel Beaches, Rum, the Police, and Hunter S. Thompson By: Mark Stenberg  From the July issue   Much like allowing the temperature to dictate one’s food choice, it makes sense to match climate with literature. While it sounds uncouth—maybe even groundbreaking—it makes sense if you think about it. Thompson […]

24 Diner's Chicken and Waffles

Munchies: Fried Chicken

MUNCHIES WHERE TO FIND DELICIOUS: FRIED CHICKEN From the August issue of Study Breaks by Mark Stenberg   RESTAURANT OF THE MONTH: 24 Diner (Austin) Austin: 24 Diner Patricia Sharpe, food critic for Texas Monthly, recently described 24 Diner as “comfort food for hipsters.” Unfortunately, she’s not wrong. The tattooed waitresses, craft alcohol selection and culinary […]

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Texas Toast: Cracker Barrel

Cracker Barrel: Country Fried Great From the August issue by Mark Stenberg Cracker Barrel, the wooden temple to pioneer kitsch from the Homestead Act, stands thankfully alone in the restaurant canon. Few eating establishments have their own country store attached, and even fewer move rocking chairs, Paula Deen memoirs and children’s clothing in such volume. The […]