Zac Efron is Growing Up

Posted by admin on Thursday, October 18, 2012


He was an unknown actor on the television series Summerland, but it wasn't until Disney discovered his talent that he became a household name in High School Musical. Yes I'm talking Zac Efron. Today, October 18, Mr. Efron turns 25, which also means he's a Libra. So if your sign is compatible with a Libra, Zac's your man.


Girls swooned over his musical talent, charismatic charm on camera and good looks; I too fell victim to his charm back in the day. But he's matured and transformed into a respectable actor, taking on roles with Nicole Kidman in The Paperboy, making us cry in Charlie St. Cloud, and making us love him all over again in The Lucky One. And sometimes bad things happen to good people, like the time his condom slipped right out of his pocket at the premiere of Lorax. You know what though, like a man, he brushed it off. And it's better to practice safe sex anyway, right?





Cheers Zac, have a memorable one.




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