Your Favorite Shows are Back!!

Posted by admin on Saturday, September 15, 2012

So it's almost mid-September and I bet you are probably already hating school. But don't fret, fall tv is almost here! These shows are the utter highlight of everybody's day and one more excuse to not do your homework.


So here, a short compilation of your favorite shows and what happened last season:


Gossip Girl

OMFG!! This is FINALLY the last season. I hate this show. I love this show. Blair, I hate you. Blair, you idiot. Blair, you b!**h. BLAIR, GO DIE. I have been watching this show religiously for the past 6 years and I cannot quit it. I WILL NOT. So last season Ms Dumb b!t*h Waldorf took us in a roller coaster. She was to marry Louis, but loved Chuck but now likes Dan. I MEAN WHAT?!  Serena needs to be killed off like Marissa from the OC. Her actions cannot be redeemed and at the end of the season it turns out she is a as much of a loser by ending up AT THE EXACT SAME PLACE IN SEASON 1. But all was not lost, Blair decided to end up with Chuck and well that means season 6 won't suck. So Gossip Girl fans KEEP HOPE.


Parks and Recreation

For any of you who hace never seen this show, you are missing out exponentially. It is so awkwardly funny (but not like The Office) and so sarcastic, I am surprised it is not more popular. Last season we discovered that Leslie Knope won the city council position and it was all thanks to her team. But now, Ben was offered a job in D.C. putting their relationship once again through trial, gasp! I really love Ben and Leslie's chemistry, it is very funny so I believe we all hope they last forever. We were also face with the potential of a Anne Perkins and Rob Lowe reunion (yes, Chris is his name). But poor Azis will be heartbroken!


Modern Family


"Have you seen this show?" I was asked that for three whole seasons and very proudly said no for some reason. I don't know why. I finally gave in and- oh my god, best show ever. It is so funny and the characters are very well written. The bodacious Gloria (Sofia Vergara) was last seen being crabby and neurotic, very unlike herself. But there is a reason--she is preggers! How her almost 70-year-old husband still has it in it I will never know. And then Cam and Mitchell were about to adopt a child when a novela keeps them from it. So will they have a new son? Will Gloria get fat?


How I Met Your Mother


Jesus Christ, who is ready to find out who the goddamn mother is?! I need this show to be over with to find out. But it looks like it might happen since Jason Segel is about to leave. So last we saw, Barney was getting engaged to that blonde girl, Becky? Anywho, they had this elaborate thing at the airport and they're engaged. They later showed Robin and Barney talking and she congratulating him about it. But fast forward years later and they are indeed getting married!!! Lily and Marshall just had their child and Ted ran off into the sunset (literally) with Victoria. So my prediction was right, she is the damn mother.


They all return in the last week of September, so don't leave your TV!!


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