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Posted by admin on Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Since the day you were born your parents opened a bank account for your college tuition.  Your first school, middle school, high school and grades are all based upon your future of success to get into an Ivy League college.

What exactly does one expect from college? We all have an “idea†of what college is like: Big lecture halls, nutty professors, drinking, partying and rock & roll.

Unfortunately, for some, the “idea†they had pictured for as long as they could remember all got flipped around when they stepped onto the college campus, and were left their standing without an idea of what to do next.

Overwhelmed does not even begin to describe the feeling of excitement & nerves one experiences on the first day of college.  There are thousands of different people swarming the streets like bees swarming their hives for honey. Your heart is racing at 100miles per hour, your hands are sweating & with a big BOOM, the door to your parent’s car shuts and now, the reality of college, living on your own and having no restrictions from your parents finally sets in.

The world is now your puzzle; it is up to you to fill in the missing pieces. Take every day as it comes. Live every moment to its fullest potential.  Lastly, the biggest mistake people and one which you can avoid, is when they let nerves and the “what if’s†get in their way of living the next four years of their life just how they dreamed and imagined to since they were ten years old.

Do not waste your opportunities, learn from your mistakes and expand your knowledge of the world and people around you.

Sometimes you may think you will not be able to finish your “puzzle†because of the missing pieces, but I promise if you keep looking for them and experiencing the outcome of each movement and placement you make, you will be surprised how fantastic it looks once it is completed.

Although, the “puzzle†might take the full four years to complete, time is patience and the best years of your life only come with patience and living for the unexpected.

The expected is what we live for but the unexpected is what makes life worth living.


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