Why Study Abroad? An ABC explanation

Posted by admin on Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What a FANCY graphic

On the realz, this would be a wayyyyyy shorter blog if I wrote why you shouldn't study abroad--

because homies, there's no reason NOT to and a million reasons why you SHOULD.

I had the time of my life gaining memories, experiences and uhh weight in Paris a few springs ago, and I recommend everyone do the same. (Except don't gain the weight; buying new pants is soooo demoralizing.) So, here you are--the ABC's of studying abroad. If this primarily useless literary masterpiece doesn't convince you to get yo' study on in a foreign land, nothing will.

Accents-I don't know how, as Americans, we got stuck with the most boring, fantasyland unattractive accents, but the hot factor of anyone from another country automatically increases 10-fold because of their smokin' accent. Whether--mon dieu--it's French, the mate is Australian or--aye aye aye--they're speaking Spanish, an accent is just plain sexy. Don't even get me started on Canadian, eh?  And, with luck, they'll think your valley girl drawl or Georgia Peach-esque pronunciation is totez attractive as well.

Babes and Bros-And, since you're coming home at the end of the semester, you're totally free from commitment. "Sorry baby, I'd totalllly make this official but--ya know--visas expire and shit. So...wanna bang?"

Why yes, I'll take 6

Cuisine-HOLY. SHIT. Pastries in Paris, sangria in Spain, EVERYTHING in Italy, and uhh...whatever they eat other places.  Get ready for previously mentioned weight gain. But whatever--you can drop those lbz when you're back in the US. Because...like...healthy eating is totally emphasized here.

Draaaank-Lots of places alcohol is even cheaper than food. A night in? Better get 3 bottles of champagne...just in case. And let's not get started on a little absinthe in Amsterdam, eh? It's the best time you'll (n)ever remember.

EXPERIENCES-Whether it's ziplining through the rainforest, riding camels through the desert in Morocco or skinnydippin' in the Mediterranean...hell...you can't do that from home.

golly gee that looks funnnn

Frequent flier miles-If you're makin' it rain on the plane, spendin' hardcore cash to get to your destination, at least there are some perks--i.e. miles towards your next EPIC journey.

Great friends-The people you meet--the ones who see you laugh, cry and probably throw up a shocking amount--on the course of your adventure are ones you'll always share a special bond with.

pimpin' all over the worrrrld

Hook-ups- This is mentioned circa 9 times in one way or another, but it deserves a category of its own. Bang a Brit, get it on with an Aussie, have coitus with a Costa Rican, do it with the Dutch, sex up a Spaniard,  get jiggy with a Japanese, and get freaky with a French. Because you're fancy.


Jealousy- Yes, you know Facebook is purely for promoting the cool shit you do and making yourself sound UBER-exciting (see Social Media, below), and you also know you're super psyched for everyone to wish they were chasing leprechauns in Ireland or wrestling the Loch Ness Monster in Scotland like you are. (Then againnnn, they might not be that impressed by that. But you get the idea.)

Language comprehension-Okay, I had to reword this in a douchey way so it would fit in L (I'm instantly regretting this fantasyland alphabet format), but essentially this means GET MUH FUGGIN' FLUENT in another language. Sure it's awkward when you (attempt to) talk to locals and get confused "wtf is this foreigner saying?!" blank stares, but eventually you'll get the hang of it. Or at least be able to order a drink.

Mystery factor- Disappear from the country for a couple months, and when you return no one will know what you've seen or what you've done. Whenever they ask, feel free to gaze off into the horizon, let your eyes glaze over and say something mysterious like "I saw a lot of things..." BAM, you're mysterious. And clearly so deep.

No TV- Believe it or not, it's a good thing to get your ass off the couch--and it's sooooooo much easier when you're not worried about missing Jersey Shore. When you return from your adventures in a few months you can hulu that shit. Trust me, you'll catch up fast.


Oklahoma's non-proximity-You'll be even farther away from OU, with not a Sooner in sight! Need I say more?

Passport stamps-Yeah, it's pretentious as hell, but you know you feel like kind of a badass when your passport doesn't just have a hideously unflattering pic of you in fluorescent lighting but also balla stamps from all those countries you checked out.

Queen- As in royalty, not Latifah or of the Bohemian Rhapsody varieties. But it's pretty sick to be around people that

Royalty is soooo hot right now

actually wear fancy crowns and shit. Yeah, Obama--sick suits, buttt not really comparable. Democracy is sooo overrated.

Randomness-Want to go on a weekend trip? Take a walk and get lost? Attend a festival celebrating something you've never heard of and are reasonably sure doesn't exist? You're on your own with no one's wants and needs to consider but your own, AND you have a totally legit excuse. "Soooo sorry I couldn't make the Bat Mitzvah; I was literally on the other side of the world. No, not town--the actual world."

Social media-Never has there EVERRR been a better time to do legit shit and rub it in people's faces than the golden age of Facebook. Forget the suicide-related studying status updates. Nothing says you're a badass like albums entitled "Machu Picchu bitchezzzz" and tweeting about nearly getting manhandled by some man o' wars on your scuba expedition.

Trains!- I don't know why America has all but given up on the gloriously old-fashioned but superrr convenient method of transportation known as the train. You feel totally retro, there's a bar, and forget the mile high club--whatsay you make it your goal to get railed on the rails? Eh, eh? Couldn't help it.

Vino-Vino, vino, more vino. You can have it on a plane, you can have it on a train and--hell--you can have it at noon sans judgment most places. The dream.

Wine-That's English...for vino.

Cashed 'em

Xylophones?- Yeah, It's all I got. I'm sure it relates sommmmmehow. Or not.

ZEE FRENCH KISS- I've said it before, and I'll say it again, there's no strategy more unoriginal but somehow foolproof than asking a girl, post bottle o' wine, "Do you know zee French kiss?" The thing is you gotta head to France to hear a gem like this. Semi-creepy, it still beats "heaven's missing an angel" or some shit like that. Accents really offer an advantage in the creepin' department.


Bonus points if you noticed I took out K, U and Y. I got bored and couldn't work kangaroos, umbrellas or yodeling into this piece. And that's all I got.

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