How To Survive If You're Not At Fashion Week

Posted by admin on Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Source: Fashion-Overload.com



It's the most wonderful time of the year: Fashion Week starts tomorrow in NYC, and chances are you'll be in a lecture class instead of the front row under a white tent.

Instead of sobbing away your sorrows into an overpriced pillow, familiarize yourself with the official schedule, and keep a tab or three open for live streams of runway shows, updated photo slideshows, and fashion blog updates. It's just like being there, except you still get to wake up and eat breakfast tacos.

Use today to make predictions with your friends on which line will have the sickest show, who will walk the finale, and of course, the trends. When the house lights go down, hook up your laptop to a flatscreen and have a watching party. Dress code enforced. Then, for the rest of the week go to class in all black rocking neon Jeffrey Campbell's and tell anyone giving you side eye that it's in honor of fashion week. Duh.


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