USA Basketball breaks 3 Olympic records while destroying Nigeria

Posted by admin on Friday, August 3, 2012

Is it safe to call them "The Dream Team" yet?

Lebron James and Kevin Durant have played big roles for the US's success so far

USA Basketball has been criticized in the media for claiming to be a so-called "Dream Team" without having the skills to back it up.

Well, now the critics can ask the Nigerian Olympic team if team USA is really that good.

After allowing USA to score an Olympic-record-setting 156 points, while only scoring 73 themselves, the Nigerian team knows that team USA is the real deal.

Check out some of these sick moves. Makes me proud to be an American!


Now I said 3 records right? Well after the first-half, they had already set an Olympic record with 78 points in the first-half alone. (Yes, more in the first half than the other team had the entire game!)

The third shattered record? Well that would be Carmelo Anthony's 37-point effort that broke the record for most points scored by one player in an Olympic basketball game.

Carmelo Anthony breaks an Olympic record with 37 points scored in a single game

In addition to the Olympic records, they also one-upped the infamous 1992 Dream Team with Micheal Jordan, Magic Johnson, and co. with their 83-point margin of victory which beats the 79-point margin of victory that the '92 Dream Team dumped on Cuba.

Is it time to call them the Dream Team?

Not until they put that gold medal around their neck.

Which, by the way, did you know winning a Gold Medal will cost you $9,000 in taxes?!

Check it out: Win Gold, Pay the Taxes.

10 Awesome Olympics Photos

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