?uestlove coming to Beauty Ballroom on October 13th

Posted by admin on Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I've had the pleasure of seeing ?uestlove, (pronounced Questlove), and the rest of The Roots crew perform on multiple occasions: A few times here in Austin, as well as once in their hometown of Philadelphia, PA during the 4th of July back in 2011. They put on one of the most amazing artists to see live, and I promise you don't want to miss this show.

?uestlove, whose real name is Ahmir Khalib Thompson, is one of the lead members of The Roots. ?uestlove's father was a member of a 50's doo-wop group where Ahmir was introduced to drumming at the early age of two years old. Five years later, ?uesto began drumming at live shows, thus beginning his career as one of the most unique drummers to date. After high school, ?uestlove formed a band called The Square Roots, later dropping "Square", with his classmate Tariq Trotter, also known as Black Thought. During their performances, Ahmir would drum as Tariq would rap over the beats.

Throughout the years ?uestlove has produced multiple tracks for artists such as John Mayer, Erykah Badu, Jay-Z, Common, Childish Gambino and more. The list goes on. Now when not on tour, he can be seen performing with the rest of The Roots daily on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Here is a video that I recorded as DJ Jazzy Jeff accompanies ?uestlove on stage for a quick drum battle during SXSW last year.

?uestlove will be performing on October 13th at the Beauty Ballroom.
Buy tickets here.


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