True Life: I Got My Car and My Dad's Car Towed in the Same Week

Posted by admin on Wednesday, July 20, 2011

No, I'm not kidding, this is real life. Never in my life did I think my car would ever go towed let alone my dad's as well..all within seven days. MY LIFE IS A JOKE. Nothing like waking up in the morning and going out to your car...that isn't even there. Nothing like welcoming your father home from being out of the country for two weeks with a "hey can you come get me. My car got towed." phone conversation. Nothing like walking down the street and seeing your dad's car that you just happened to park that day on a tow truck.  MY DAD HATES ME. No, I'm not kidding.

So lets go over a few ways NOT to get your car towed and hopefully keep your dad from hating you forever.

#1. Don't buy a car

Just kidding, you need a car.

#2. Pay attention to parking signs

Apparently I'm blind or I don't know how to read, but I just like the think there weren't any signs to begin with. I don't understand why it's necessary to put up signs in the first place, like who did I kill by parking in a vacant parking spot? As far as I'm concerned - nobody. I HATE PARKING LOTS.

#3. Don't park in student housing parking garages, ever.

Granted I live there. In the two whole years I've lived in that awful place I have never gotten towed. Apparently my luck is up. Make sure you know where you're parking before you park. Your car is sacred..and you've already bought it so paying $200 to get it back is beyond unnecessary.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Car towing workers are rude, heartless, and angry. They don't care if you're cute or broke. I advise each and every one of you to ride your bike from now on, or maybe just walk... exercise never hurt anybody.



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