True Blood Finale: Major Disappointment

Posted by admin on Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The finale of True Blood was a terrible end to a terrible season. I didn't enjoy the twists. I didn't enjoy the deaths. And I definitely didn't enjoy having zero clarification to really what the hell this season was all about.

The episode started off with Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) still possessed by Marnie (Fiona Shaw) knifed Jesus for his demonic powers. WTF. Why did they have to kill off Jesus! Then Marnie as Lafayette silver-chained Eric and Bill to a pyre. Sookie, Tara and Holly arrived to save the day! They used a little magic to call their ancestors to help. Sookie's Gran pulls Marnie out of Lafayette and convinces Marnie to let go.

Then after all the madness dies down, it is time for Sookie to decide between Eric and Bill, whom I may add are wearing matching PJ's. Who is she going to pick?? Welp, she doesn't pick any of them. I would have been happy with a threesome.

So, basically the next 30 minutes is just a random disarray of events that left the whole audience wondering, What the Fuck? Arlene finally got her long awaited visit from René, but instead of attacking her he warns her about her husband, Terry. Could this have something to do with his old war buddy that got into town? Well, we will just have to wait and find out. Alcide was called a parking garage, where he discovered someone had dug a huge hole in the ground. Why, you ask? Judging by the broken silver chain Alcide picked up, I’m going to go ahead and assume our buddy Russell Edgington. Why didn't Eric and Bill give him the true death when they had the chance?

Though, I didn't particularly care for this season or the finale nothing pissed me off more then the last scene - the one every True Blood fan will be talking about until season five premieres next summer. Sookie came home to find a shotgun-wielding Debbie, who ended up blowing a hole in Tara’s head when she knocked Sookie out of the way. And despite the she-wolf’s plea for Sookie to spare her life, she grabbed that shotgun and finally blasted her in the face. Nooooo! Not Tara! 

The thing that disappointed me the most was the fact they totally ditched the fairy story. This season did a total 180 from the first episode. I wonder if we will ever know what the fairy-troll people are and what they are all about. I'm not going to give up on True Blood yet but I hope that one year wait for Season 5 will be worth it.

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