Treat Yo' Self Tuesday

Posted by admin on Tuesday, October 16, 2012

ALL MY PARTY PEOPLE, WHERE YOU AT?! No, really, where are you? Do you not know what today is? IT’S OCTOBER 16TH, Y’ALL!

Doesn’t seem special to you? Well, by golly gosh and gee whillikers, pull out your calendars and mark this down. Despite what you may think, today is a day to celebrate (or rather an excuse). So forget your hellish Monday and start your Hump Day early. This list of October 16th holidays just might save you from a bland and boring Tuesday.

  1. Boss’ Day: Yeah, forget your boss at work. Celebrate yo’ boss self.
  2. International Adjust Your Chair Day: Don’t know what this means, but it’s worth a fist pump.
  3. Dictionary Day: I’ll drink to that!
  4. Sunday School Teacher Appreciation Day: Just like Christmas, y’all.
  5. Let Them Eat Cake Day: NOM NOM NOM, I though that was every day.
  6. Oatmeal Day: Get that milk; get that oatmeal. Sit yo’self down.
  7. World Food Day: Give some hungry people food. Be a good human.
  8. Mammography Day: ERMAHGERD, mammograms. Yay.

Go forth. Celebrate October 16th with the holiday of your choice.

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