TOSH.0 Season Premiere Features UT Foam Sword Bus Accident

Posted by admin on Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Funny guy...but such a dick. But mostly funny.

If you don't remember, a few short weeks ago, an Obama mask-outfitted UT student decided to cross the street a littttttttttttle too soon and got straight up laid OUT by a Cap Metro bus...during a foam sword fight nonetheless. (Could that accident GET any cooler?!)  Naturally, it was circa 14 seconds before the hilarious clip (we're allowed to laugh; he walked it off like a champ) was on YouTube.

And naturally, it took what I'm sure was about 14 milliseconds for Daniel Tosh to decide to jump ON that shit and cover it in the season premiere of Tosh.0 , which aired last night.

Check out Tosh's hilarious(ly offensive) video breakdown here.


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