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Posted by admin on Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's our favorite tracks that blast our eardrums between classes and even at the clubs on the weekends that get us through our four years of college - or maybe five or six just because you love college so much. Whether it's classics that we just can't live without or newbies that the 102.3 won't let us forget.

1.I love College- Asher Roth


Pretty much sounds like the life - drankin', partyin' and cheap pizza (or maybe that's just on 6th street). Where else can you have those luxuries outside of  college? They don't exist. Enjoy the simple pleasures now before you walk across that stage and have to be the unthinkable - a grown-up.

2. Senior Skip Day- Mac Miller


We all have those days when we just don't want to go to class. And that used to not be a problem until teachers implemented an attendance policy; now you have to spread out your skip days. Chill out and have a day for yourself after midterms or whatever. Whether you're a senior or not, we all get the itch to skip.

3. Young, Wild, and Free-Wiz Khalifa ft Bruno Mars & Snoop Dogg


These are the wonder years, and the only time that you can get away with the foolishness that happens under the influence, so live it up!  College is stressful enough - can you imagine it without the weekends to unwind? Actually, don't even put that in your head. Live young and wild and free!

4. Ambitious Girl 2- Wale


Wale gives a shout out to all girls out there grinding in the classroom and to all the ambitious guys too. He gives a toast to the ladies sticking it out with low and high GPAs and even higher tuition. Being a college girl ain't easy, and Wale gives props to all ladies grinding now to get paid later.

5. Graduation- Kanye West


I couldn't have a list of college tracks without none other than Mr. West himself. "Good Morning," and his Graduation album is only one of Kanye's many college-related hits- College Drop-out, Late Registration, and Graduation. All I'm saying is, when you finally get that degree and friends from home are less than excited about your accomplishment, do your thing with or without them; you know haters make the world go round.

Enroll in school, study, party, pull your hair out and then on graduation day when you get that piece of paper you've worked so hard for--I promise it'll  all be worth it. Have your own favorite college songs? Tweet me @theCHANNINGshow



What I'm listening to: The Hope & Stay

Dubwerth's Overaged Drinking is Released

She Drinks Too Much: New Single by Rock/Hip Hop Duo Dubwerth


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