Top 5 Horror Movie Theme Songs for Friday the 13th

Posted by admin on Friday, April 13, 2012

In honor of Friday the 13th, here's a little rundown of the top 5 fear-inducing, heart-racing, scream-caught-in-your-throat horror movie theme songs. Don't listen to these alone in your dark, empty apartment. Like any good theme song should, the terrifying tunes bring to mind the goreful slayings in each of these iconic cinematic nightmares.


5.  Freddy Krueger Theme Song. The song that holds bladed knife-claws with Wes Craven's A Nightmare on Elm Street series in which victims are killed in their dreams and actually die in their waking world. The 80's-ish, whistling, dark, empty street feel is enough to make me want to stay awake. New all-nighter study tool?

4. Jaws Theme Song. Even if you haven't seen the movie, you've heard the deep measures and have probably imitated the suspenseful "dun-duns" once upon a time. Especially in the water. This musical masterpiece is especially terrifying when you feel like you're being followed/about to be eaten alive by a blood-thirsty shark.

3. Friday the 13th Theme Song. Our countdown's namesake and a close friend to the fifth song on the list (the two created the crossover flick, Freddy vs. Jason), Friday the 13th is considered one the most successful movie franchises of all time. It's no wonder then, that the theme music (choppy knife-stabbing sounds) is so well-known.

2. Halloween Theme Song. Another movie creep, Michael Myers is introduced by a heartbeat thump and trill. The director's use of first-person camera and the killer's point of view creates a different fearful feel. Instead of "Am I going to be killed?" the song says "Am I capable of murder?" Mike says yes.


1. Saw Theme Song. Number 1 is, of course, the Saw franchise, sick and twisted as it is. Basically, if you hear this song, you're about to embark on a journey or tricks and mind games... And not the fun kind.


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