Top 10 Reasons Why Finals Are Worse Than Horrible

Posted by admin on Tuesday, November 30, 2010

10. teachers expect you to remember information from the beginning of the semester - as if that is remotely possible.

9. all you can think about is winter break & the trip to the bahamas your family is taking

8. the 17 large coffees you drank today have caused you to become a more than regular visitor to the bathroom

7. you end up eating the equivalent to what you ate the entire semester... and then some

6. your new best friend is the "command-option-control-8" inverting trick with your Mac

5. the law library decides that 11PM on a Monday night is the perfect time to start jack hammering construction

4. your brain might actually, indeed, for real, explode

3. you have all five of them within the span of two days

2. you don't remember the last time you slept or showered

1. you lose contact with the world for a week. yes, its unbearably miserable

for tips on how to survive this week of hell, click here


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