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Posted by admin on Monday, August 8, 2011

We are a generation of fakers. We fake tan, have fake nails, fake hair, fake eyelashes, fake opinions, fake friends, fake boobs, fake boyfriends, fake our age, get plastic surgery at 18, hell, even pretend to have fake boyfriends. We mix and match our swim suits, our outfits, and our wardrobes as a whole depending on the group we associate with or event at hand; our styles, our personalities, jobs, friend groups, in this world we live in today… it seems as though we constantly mix and match our entire lives. It sounds harsh, but it isn’t our fault. The world is constantly changing, and we are just permanently trying to catch up. Technology is taking over our society (Apple even surpassed the American government last week!). You are nowhere, hopeless even, if you can’t adapt and multitask. We go to school, we got to work. We get on Facebook and Twitter while texting, watching T.V., playing online poker, reading the newspaper (which is probably on your new iPad 2), and do our homework all at the same time.

The lines between jock, hippy, rocker, geek, and any other label that would literally name groups in grade school, are beginning to blur. No matter how prevalent you may have thought this kind of thing was, even in our days, there’s no mistaking our parents and grandparents literally lived  their labels. They just didn’t have the options and freedoms we do now. We can be anyone, do anything: And this can be a win lose situation. You can be a billionaire or deliberate hobo at 25. We've got 12 year olds in heavy makeup, 14 year olds on stripper poles, women having babies at 45, 60 year olds in college, and in between? The 20’s and 30’s are one big cluster f*^% of labels and age confusion. You can never tell exactly how old someone is and you can never tell what they’re capable of being or faking. In a time where everyone is evolving into the future at such a rate that expectations are both way too high and none at all at the same, everyone acting as if they are in there 20’s, life always changing, with way too many freedoms and way too many options… when it comes to relationships, how influential is, and/or should be, lifestyle?

People's lives have always been exposed, but with all this new technology, the information is available so much quicker and easier. Society's superficial values are reflected everywhere, putting more pressure on every individual. And with that, it always perplexed me how some people can seem so content. Are they really? I have to wonder. For example, a couple who’s married, both working mediocre, low paying jobs… How can they be so content? Is it because they really are happy just being with each other? Is that all they need? Or do they walk around every day with a pit in their stomach, wanting something more, wanting to be somewhere else, wanting to be the very best, and secretly craving to be more materialistic like society tells us? And if not, are these kinds of people; who do walk around always striving to be on top, destined to live a life absent of contentment until that's at least achieved? We all know, once you reach the very tip top, there’s really no where else to go. Sure, you can fill your high rise apartment on 5th Avenue with all the most expensive, beautiful things. You can try and fill your entire life with materials, but that can only take you so far. You will always remain unfilled, because money can’t cause happiness, only convenience.

Once you do achieve everything you possibly can, and without allowing yourself some contentment along the way, where would you be? You’d then have to go astray to the things that truly make you happy, given they are still available, or you will always remain alone on that fence in between. And along the way, when you are becoming the best, earning the most, and reigning your own fabulous lifestyle… how do those feelings of worth actually compare to being able to share it all with someone? You’re always in a different world than every other person no matter how close your lifestyles maybe. Yet, at the same time, you’re always in the exact same one. When it comes to worlds and lifestyle, maybe in order to save yourself from a long, lonely, and enduringly complicated road ahead, you just have to be willing to find some middle ground. We are already full speed ahead into the era of technology; the technology that will become the label of us all, shaping our lifestyles unwillingly. So no matter what you dress like, what your job is, what type of world you think you live in; you will live in a digital world, and alone, without that the acceptance that lifestyle will not stop changing, and you just have to find your own balance and comfort within it.


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