TIM TEBOW: The most marketable man in the world

Posted by admin on Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tim Tebow, as we know, is now a JET.

He ISSSS endearing

But according to a recently released report, the golden boy himself is not only the Big Apple's most recent celebrity transplant--and GQ cover boy Mark Sanchez's greatest fear--but also the most marketable man in the world (4th person in general, behind female phenoms Oprah, Adele and Kate Middleton).

Apparently his score, based on the celebrity-ranking Davie-Brown Index that takes into account factors like trust, sincerity, appeal and influence, and more, was a whopping 180--bumping him up to a ranking above Hollywood faves Will Smith and Tom Hanks, to name a few.

SO WHO is going to snap up the semi-controversial, now NY-based virgin to pump up their product and serve as a spokesman? Will it be someone cliche like Reebok, Subway or Gatorade? (You know it won't be Nike--"Just do it" is NOT what Tebow's about.) Or will it be a more surprising organization, like sayyyy Planned Parenthood?!

Ha. Just kidding.

(Cue Tebowing.)

So yeah, essentially if you want your product sold (and Oprah's busy with her book club), Tebow's the man to do it.

Unless, of course, your product is condoms.


(Can't do a Tebow post without at least 3 virginity jokes. Sorry I'm not sorrryyyy.)


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