Throwing the Ultimate Party

Posted by admin on Monday, November 15, 2010

I've always been the girl who loves to host the unforgettable, bitchin' party that people talk about months later. Having a summer time birthday allows me to do just that. Here are some quick tips on how to throw the ulimate party no one will forget. 

  • rent a bouncy fun house: you remember as a child attending the kiddy birthday parties and bouncing around in the fun house? well add alcohol to the equation and you're guaranteed entertainment!

  • pinata with adult party favors: this will be the biggest hit! Instead of adolescent party favors and candy, why not fill it with mini liquor bottles, condoms from the university health center, and other X-rated goods? Talk about chaos when that bad boy breaks open...

  • make your own shot block: it's time to get creative with your alcohol intake! Mix things up with a DIY shot block mold. (available online!) This is thing that every girl will want to put their mouth on.

  • sustenance and libations: of course it's not a real party without food and drank! Lucky for me my mom is a personal chef, but if you're wanting to throw the ultimate party, you must supply the drunchies. And always remember whatever you initially bought will not be enough. Always have backup. Kegs, trashcan punch, jello shots, bottles- make sure you have it all!

Keep On Partying...


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