Posted by admin on Thursday, September 20, 2012

So this is my first post for Throwback Thursday and I plan on having a different genre of the 90's each week. Today I went with the 90's cartoons. Though "SWAT Cats" was my favorite, no one remembers that far back (I was only 1-3 years old holla at ya boy's memory) and it was cancelled in the second season for it's violence. It's really ironic when compared to "The Powerpuff Girls" that killed Dr. Mojojojo every episode...but that's irrelevant.

The point is, today I picked Hey Arnold!! Hey Arnold was created by Craig Bartlett for the television channel Nickelodeon. As you probably remember, in each episode Arnold either helped someone with their personal problems or solved a pickle of his own. Though I loved Arnold and Gerald, Helga was the most annoying character in the entire series. It was a shame that she was in almost every episode. But you knew all about the cast. What you didn't know is that the entire crew was based off Carig's childhood friends in Portland, Oregon!!

Hey Arnold! Clay Animation

That's right these people were based on real people and even better; Craig's first episode was made from clay animation like Gumby and Chicken Run!! S000 for your Throwback Thursday pleasure I've added a one-liner clip from Hey Arnold! to bring back all those childhood memories. Enjoy!



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