Threads Locks & Rock Update

Posted by admin on Thursday, September 30, 2010

Threads Locks & Rock: The Reinvention

The avante garde performance, known as Threads Locks & Rock, which is held, annually, at Klusoz, in October, will NOT be presented, this year.  The creator [yours, truly] has decided to take a year off and revamp the production team, website, artistic collaboration and cast/performers, as well.  Promotions are already underway, via teasers [see video attachment, above] for the 2011 show; Threads Locks & Rock: The Reinvention.  Changes have already been made to the TLR website, and audtion/recruitment, as well as artist/costume designer submission/application information will be posted, soon.  Stay tuned for more important details, regarding Threads Locks & Rock: The Reinvention.

For further information: www.threadslocksandrock.com


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