Roommate 101

Posted by admin on Wednesday, March 14, 2012

One of the great perks of being a broke young college student is getting to share the amazing moments of drinking Keystone and eating Ramen with some special people, your roommates. Roommate etiquette is not discussed during freshman orientation, or maybe it is I just missed that session?  Regardless, I am here to save everyone drama and tell you how to make your roommate your new BFF... well at least your BFFN (Best Friend For Now). You might question my knowledge on roommate etiquette because I currently live with my two best friends and twin sister. 1.You try living with three girls, there are bobby-pins... everywhere! 2.I lived in the dorms for two years, have had two roommates, and I am still friends with one of them. I am obviously a genius at this subject. Here are my 5 simple rules to follow when living with roommates:

1.) Born This Way- The number one rule when living with someone is embracing diversity. You must remember that not everyone was raised exactly like you, so do not judge your roommate if one simple habit weirds you out. Except if your roommate dislikes avocado, then he/she should not be trusted.

2.) Bills,Bills,Bills- No, this is not a shout out to Beyonce...well not entirely. One of the most important rules when living with someone is to always pay your rent and electricity on time. Paying bills on time will create a good level of respect and trust, which are the building blocks for a good relationship.

3.) Show me yours; I’ll show you mine- Be considerate. Be aware of what your roommate is going through and respect that. Do not blast the music at 2 a.m if you know your roommate has a test the next morning. If you do blast the music, then do not get mad when you wake up to pots and pans banging and a bad girl yelling, “I didn’t sleep cuz of ya’ll, ya’ll ain’t gonna sleep cuz of me.â€

4.) Family Rules- You and your roommates should set out some rules. Discuss what you all expect from each other. Ask the questions: Who will do the dishes? Who will take out the trash? Who will take care of Jon when he’s drunk? Those questions. Having rules and knowing what everyone expects from each other will prohibit anyone from crossing any line that should not be crossed.

5.) Be Nice- Being nice never hurt anyone. A caring roommate is the best roommate. Sometimes I come home and my roommates surprise me with a big breakfast or dinner already made. It is seriously the nicest gesture, and just shows a little thought goes a long way. Or maybe they planned this, and just wanted to be mentioned in a Study Breaks blog post?...

On a final note: Do not throw away the magazines your roommate stole from the Rec Center. It is a big deal, peoples feelings will get hurt, and it will lead to a Twitter war. Good luck fellow readers! Remember, you may have to live with your horrid roommate, but I have to live with the fact that Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake will never get back together! It is a cruel world.

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