The New Twitter!!

Posted by admin on Monday, September 27, 2010

Socially Awkward

So in the life of Social Networks there is always the inevitable change in the norm. Yep, those sites we love to snoop and chat with friends we probably would never keep up with in the real world if not for the world wide web always have to throw a monkey wrench in our day to day mingling. I don't need to remind you all about the various changes that always take place on the beloved Facebook. That gold star of the social chain is nothing like it was when it first debut.  With change people either love or they hate it, they stay or they leave and many have made the switch over to the new rising star: TWITTER! Yes now even celebs and companies can mingle with the common folk and it not seem awkward. BUT now #NewTwitter is without a question  on the way to changing the look of the site we've become so familiar. Now their will be plenty of us who will not like the change and complain our asses off. For those of us that applies to there is a new Social Network coming to make our online social life way easier...and simple.  I present to you...




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