It's Not A Joke

Posted by admin on Wednesday, March 30, 2011

College Candy recent published a post titled, "10 Most Glorious Way to Drink a Beer" their list is as follows:

1. Beer Bong

2. Shotgun

3. Luge

4. Power Hour

5. Chug

6. Flip Cup

7. Shoot the Boot

8. Beer Pong

9. Beer Hat

10. Keg Stand

Beer bong is #1 and lets be real..its the ultimate test of skill in the beer drinking world (in college at least). So of COURSE there was plenty of beer bonging this past weekend during Round Up. (If you don't know what Round Up is, check out my blog post from Monday).

So here is a picture of my personal favorite; the OCTO-BONG!! Brought to you by Round Up 2011. I already miss it.

The Octo-Bong. It's not a joke.

Happy Humpday! && as always,

lovelovelove & studystudy so we can rageragerage this weekend!


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