The Miami Marlins got brand-new EVERYTHING!

Posted by admin on Thursday, April 5, 2012

 Most of us already know who we are going to be rooting for this baseball season. For me, it's my beloved Texas Rangers, and any team that is playing the Cardinals. (I don't let go of sports grudges). But, everyone still has that one team that they like, for no particular reason, but you find yourself cheering for them regardless. This year, that team for me is the Miami Marlins. And I'll tell you WHY you should get behind them too!

The Marlins organization has been floundering miserably over the last decade. In 2008, Alex Rodriguez was making more by himself than the ENTIRE MARLINS TEAM! They could barely keep attendance up, often having more people working at the stadium than attending the games. Things needed to change.

BOOM! Last night the newly named Miami Marlins (formerly, Florida Marlins) broke in their new stadium...

Miami's new stadium with roof closed

...and now it's open!

Miami went big with their new stadium. One of the most polarizing monstrosities is their 75-foot tall dancing statue in the outfield that animates and lights up for every home run. Complete with a laser show in center field!

Here's a video of what happens when a Marlin hits a home run..


The fun doesn't stop there, look closely at the backstop behind home plate, and you'll see it's actually a built-in aquarium!

Yes, those are real fish. I hear they survive off of peanuts and cracker jacks...

Not only did they get a new mascot and stadium, their uniforms got a much needed update...(follow THIS link for the old uniforms)

Officially the most colorful uniforms in the MLB

Moving to Miami was all part of a decision to become a more marketable team, specifically to the rich Latin-American culture that lights up the city. The team is embracing its Latin American roots....bringing in one of the most popular baseball managers, Venezuelan Ozzie Guillen...

Ozzie Guillen is taking charge of his Miami Marlins team

Not only are they Latin-ing things up by bringing in Ozzie, but they added break-out star Jose Reyes to their lineup, in addition to Hanley Ramirez who was already on the team. Not to mention, Mike Stanton, who was on the team last year, has now decided he wants to go by his "real" name...Giancarlo Stanton. Clearly, Miami recognizes that embracing its Latin fan-base is a great business decision.

Hanley Ramirez and Jose Reyes are both from the Dominican Republic

Giancarlo Stanton, formerly "Mike" Stanton, is embracing his actual Latin name this year.

Did I mention that the players were escorted out onto the field by Latin Show girls during their Opening Night game last night?

Feel like doing the 'salsa' yet?

Ay Carumba! This team is going to be fun to cheer for this year. If you haven't picked your second favorite team for this season, join me on the Miami Marlins bandwagon...which surely has hydraulics and 24 inch rims.





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