Posted by admin on Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Who hates Hills Cafe? The answer is no one.

Hills Cafe is down right delicious southern homestyle cooking. Tonight my class and I were lucky enough to be treated to dinner by my own Opinion Writing Professor writer for Texas Monthy, Paul Burka. I just couldn't resist blogging about our delicious meals.

I usually go for the typical chicken friend steak with mashed potatoes and fried okra, but tonight I couldn't resist the Monster Chopped Beef Sandwich. A huge chopped brisket sandwich smothered in their homemade BBQ sauce and served on a sweet kolache bun. It's about $7.95, but I get extra jalapenos on mine for a kick.

Now, usually the sammies come with a side of fries, but at Hills they have a crazy array of amazing sides that are too hard to pass up. My choice for dinner were the corn nuggets. A handful of deep friend balls of creamed corn. Uh-mazing!

And what goes great with a huge sandwich like this? Why, an old school Shirley Timple will do the trick!


- Sprite

- Ice

- 2 lime wedges

- Splash of cherry grenadine

Mix together, and feel like a kid again. Don't want to be a kid? Add a shot (or two) of cherry vodka and you've got yourself a party.

Hills Cafe:


Location: http://www.hillscafe.com/location.htm

4700 S. Congress Avenue | Austin, Texas | 512.851.9300

Anything here is good! Even their burgers were rated best in town!

Also, Hills always has live music. Here's there schedule:



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