The HILLS are Alive!

Posted by admin on Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Who hates Hills Cafe? The answer is no one.

Hills Cafe is down right delicious southern homestyle cooking. Tonight my class and I were lucky enough to be treated to dinner by my own Opinion Writing Professor writer for Texas Monthy, Paul Burka. I just couldn't resist blogging about our delicious meals.

I usually go for the typical chicken friend steak with mashed potatoes and fried okra, but tonight I couldn't resist the Monster Chopped Beef Sandwich. A huge chopped brisket sandwich smothered in their homemade BBQ sauce and served on a sweet kolache bun. It's about $7.95, but I get extra jalapenos on mine for a kick.

Now, usually the sammies come with a side of fries, but at Hills they have a crazy array of amazing sides that are too hard to pass up. My choice for dinner were the corn nuggets. A handful of deep friend balls of creamed corn. Uh-mazing!

And what goes great with a huge sandwich like this? Why, an old school Shirley Timple will do the trick!


- Sprite

- Ice

- 2 lime wedges

- Splash of cherry grenadine

Mix together, and feel like a kid again. Don't want to be a kid? Add a shot (or two) of cherry vodka and you've got yourself a party.

Hills Cafe:


Location: http://www.hillscafe.com/location.htm

4700 S. Congress Avenue | Austin, Texas | 512.851.9300

Anything here is good! Even their burgers were rated best in town!

Also, Hills always has live music. Here's there schedule:



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