The Heat will get a Christmas beat.

Posted by admin on Saturday, December 24, 2011

Opening presents Christmas day will be the last thing on some peoples minds. Basketball fans will be intensely waiting for the NBA kickoff which will feature a rematch between the Miami Heat and the 2011 Champs the Dallas Mavericks. In case you were out of the country where there was no source of communication, the Mavericks bested the Heat in the finals! The Heat's flame apparently burned out since their best player LeBron James was nowhere to be found on the court. His most memorable moment was being unmemorable throughout the entire season, averaging 17 points per game (the worst record in his career).

Call this opening game sweet revenge, for the Heat might finally suck up their tears from their sad loss in the finals and bring it, if whatever it is that they "bring" is good enough to stomp the champs on their own court. But who can can take down the NBA's MVP Dirk Nowitzki and the new teams add-on players, Lamar Odom, Delonte West and Vince Carter? Definitely not the heat coming in from Miami.

For those of you who doubted the Mavericks since the season opened and didn't think they would ever make it to the finals, well you might want to rethink rooting for a talented and amazing team with potential to dominate the 2012 NBA season once again.

The Mavericks will toast and burn the Heat on a very Merry Christmas Day, so tune in at 2:30pm (ET) on ABC for an epic NBA opening game.

Note to self: BLUE is the new red and green Christmas colors.

Hope everyone has a Happy Maverickmas!  



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