The Future of Mobile Gaming Belongs to Smart Phones (Unfortunately)

Posted by admin on Friday, January 6, 2012

As the holidays finally come to a close, companies like Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft are all counting their profits from a good sales season.  But there are two competitors that are sneaking up on Nintendo and Sony's mobile console territory:  Apple and Android.

Image via stormgrounds.com

Today almost everyone has a smart phone with mobile apps.  Once we get them, we can't live without them.  Once we discover the games, we can't get away from them.  Gaming on an iPhone or an Android has become phenomenally popular in the past few years.  Angry Birds is as common as Super Mario; if you don't have a slight hatred toward green piggies then society will outcast you.   You can create your own tower of businesses through the game Tiny Tower and watch the little 8-bit citizens complain about your elevator service on their Bitbook (Bitbook is Facebook for those who are pixelated).  Or you can even cut a rope to give some candy to a cute looking monster in a game called Cut the Rope.

Image courtesy of Rovio Angry Birds

All of these great games are perfect for killing time.  There's no commitment needed and you don't need to worry about saving your game before you turn your phone to silent. Of course you could always play Angry Birds in class, which is really convenient when you're finding it impossible to stay awake.

Right now we live in an era where old is new, vintage is trendy, and retro is in.  The same can be said for video games.  The most popular games in the app store are all arcade-like.  There are a few platformers that have been released with incredible graphics, but nothing has become as memorable as Angry Birds.

So what's the problem?  The more and more we move into gaming on phones, the more mobile consoles will disappear.  Gameboys will become antiques because we will have streamlined everything into our phones.  I'm not saying that the 3DS or the PS Vita are the greatest mobile consoles of all time, but absolutely nothing can replace the feel of those buttons and D-pad in your hand.

If you don't know what this is, then you're not a real nerd.

That being said, NINTENDO PLEASE STOP MAKING 3D CONSOLES!!  Honestly, 3D sucks.  I see 3D everyday.  I don't need to see Mario throwing a fireball at me.

All venting aside, this could mean serious trouble for great platformers like The Legend of Zelda or Super Mario Bros.  I know there's a thousand of those games for every console, but we could be missing out on awesome third party developers' games!  Nintendo is very selective about third party developers, which has really harmed them in the past.  Not only that, but Luigi may never have his own game again!  The unsung hero deserves more attention.

So before you completely toss aside any notion of buying a mobile console, think back to the days of Gameboy.  Classics like Pokemon wouldn't exist without these consoles.  Keep the classics going.


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