The Cab & Feels Like Home at The Belmont

Posted by admin on Friday, April 20, 2012

Las Vegas pop-rock sensations The Cab shook up downtown this week at The Belmont and had our very own superstars Feels Like Home as their opening act! And, in traditional Austin style, things got a little weird.

The Cab frontman Alexander Deleon kept the crowd entertained with typical ADD-eqsue dialogue between songs, commenting on just about everything he could think of (he also promised to sing me to sleep and cook me breakfast in bed, but totally didn't follow though), and added more sex than usual to the set with a zipper malfunction--not that anyone was complaining. Their most recent album Symphony Soldier was well represented on stage, and a few good old songs off Whisper War were thrown in for those fans that had been around that long. Overall, I was impressed, I danced, I was hot and bothered, and it was a damn good time. Anyone else curious to see if Alex ever graces the stage without that beanie?

Let's not forget the rest of the band. Mad props to Alex on keys, Joey on bass, Dave on drums, and Frank on lead guitar. The sound was good, the lights were great, and I haven't jammed that hard on a Wednesday night in a long, long time.

And, as usual, our boys in FLH kicked ass on stage as the opening act for these guys, drawing in new fans and acting like the total rockstars they are. Be sure to catch them at The Annex for Cinco De Mayo fest on May 5th (duh, right?) to bask in all their rock and roll glory.

Check out videos of The Cab rocking out their hit single "Bad" and Feels Like Home playing "Asylum" below! Tweet me your thoughts on these bands at @sheynarae and happy listening!




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