The BEST Zit Cream

Posted by admin on Thursday, March 31, 2011

Holy shit guys,

When I say that I have discovered my new miracle product, I mean I have found God's greatest gift to the human face. MARIO BADESCU skincare is by FAR the best set of products I've ever used. I've tried it all- Proactive, prescription creams, you name it- and with no success. until NOW.

Put on the drying lotion (only $17 at Nordstrom) before bed and wake up zit-free! I did this morning. For $46 I bought the acne repair kit and got the drying lotion, drying cream, & buffering lotion. It's not typical for me to promote products, but I swear on all that all is holy that  Mario Badescu clears up your acne overnight!


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