The Best Jobs for College Students

Posted by admin on Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Everyone in college could use a job. But no one wants to sacrifice those prime homework/social hours to actually find one (or work one). Not to worry. Below are some pretty foul-proof, flexible-ish jobs to pad your wallet.



Bartending. Of course the stereotypical college gig made it on this list. And for good reason! Bartending hours aren't always favorable, but the tips flow just as much as the alcohol. Getting licensed is pretty simple compared to other job training. Plus, you'll be the most popular person at any party you attend.

Virtual Jobs. Blogging, graphic design or online IT support all fit into this 'virtual' category. These jobs are ideal for their incredibly, ridiculously flexible hours. Want to work at 3 AM in the morning? No problem. Want to get paid while not paying attention in class? Easy.

RA Positions. Anything college-related is absolutely golden what with the flexible hours and minimal work awarded to hardworking students, but with a Residence Assistant position, you'll be getting paid to sleep and study. Also the responsibility entrusted to you makes for an awesome resume booster.

Paid Internships. Duh. Isn't this the dream of every broke, ambitious college student? Not only will you add a little extra something to your bank account, but you will gain valuable work experience and maybe even class credit! Check out some swanky paid internships here.

Serving Jobs. Last but not least is the time-honored waitress/waiter position. Since these usually take the traditional shift schedule of more typical jobs, they are usually overlooked by busy students. However, the benefits of a close-to-campus restaurant job are not to be ignored. One word; tips.


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