The best and worst of French Fries

Posted by admin on Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It's no secret that Americans are addicted to the crispy salty goodness of all that is involved in a single french fry...and it is no secret that nearly HALF of all potatoes harvested in the U.S. end up in the deep fryer.

But brace yourselves...could there be a fry that is good for you?!

No... C'mon lets be real I'm not gunna go that far. However, according to a Yahoo health article, there ARE some fries that are "better" for you than others. We give you the top 5 pure fatty kinds of fries from worst to...well semi-worst..to best to make your choices a little more health conscious next time you decided what kind of drive-through to go to or fries to pick!


1. WORST- Five Guys Fries- Large
A whopping 1,474 calories
71 g fat (14 g saturated)
213 mg sodium

It's ridiculous size is the cause for most of this pure fatty problemo

2.  WORST LOADED FRIES- Chili’s Texas Cheese Fries with Chili and Ranch
2,120 calories
144 g fat (69 g saturated)
5,920 mg sodium

Those are loaded alright..yikes.

3. BEST CURLY FRIES- Jack in the Box Seasoned Curly Fries (small)
280 calories
16 g fat (1 g saturated)
614 mg sodium

Surprised?! Us too, It's menu once packed with trans fats, Jack in the Box is now making a conscious effort to improve its menu.

4.BEST CLASSIC FRIES- TGI Friday’s Seasoned Fries
290 calories
23 g fat (4.5 g saturated)
650 mg sodium

Mmmm- those are lookin real good for 290 calories if ya ask me.

5. BEST FAST FOOD FRIES- McDonald’s French Fries (small)
230 calories
11 g fat (1.5 g saturated)
160 mg sodium

Hollaaa. No more regrets on gettin those McDonald's late night fries. :)


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