The 10 Most DTF Campuses

Posted by admin on Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"We're going streaking...through the quad...and into the gymnasium. Come on everybody!"

There are the top 10 colleges for partying...for football...for this little thing called academics....

And, yeah, that's all totallllyyyy well and good. But, let's be real, in true American Pie, sex-obsessed fashion, haven't you ever wanted to know which college where, once you get in, you're most likely to...get it in?

Well, here ya go--the 10 MOST DTF CAMPUSES. (If you don't know what DTF means then this post def doesn't concern you.) Based on "party scenes, hookup culture, sexual health resources and even streaking incidents," collegemagazine.com has compiled a list of the universities where sex-ed is everyone's major.  It might be too late to transfer, but hell--isn't grad school starting to look appealing? Click here to know where to start applying now. You should probably start with the number one-ranked DTF school, UT Austin....

where everyone's (long)horny.

Eh? Eh?



Hooking Up and Virginity on Campus

Sex School





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