T-Shirt Charges Your Phone Through Ambient Noise

Posted by admin on Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Car chargers are great for keeping your phone's battery life up and running while you're on the go. But sometimes you just can't escape the inevitability of losing your phone charge while you're out and about. Now, thanks to a couple of brilliant minds up in the UK, ambient noise can be the next big thing in eco-friendly energy innovation. But how so?

Having dubbed the prototypes (and they are very much so prototypes right now) "Sound Charge" these T-shirts compress sound waves from around the wearer into an applicable charge for any standard mobile phone, or smart phone for up to six hours. (and that's just the prototype!)

The idea first arose at Glastonbury music festival with a similar idea, but in a woman's boot instead of a shirt. The developers at Orange Sound have chosen the T-shirt, since it's one of the most universal pieces of clothing that can really be worn by anyone. Wanna see more? Check out the video link at the bottom to get the full story!

Sound Charge T-Shirt


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