T-Post: Magazine Meets Badass T-shirt

Posted by admin on Monday, April 30, 2012

News story...or noose story?!?

Do you like reading magazines?! Do you like wearing t-shirts?!?  WELL I HAVE THE PERFECT PRODUCT FOR YOU!

Terrible pitch aside, I recently did stumble upon what I think is one of the sickest ideas ever, and that is T-POST --which is essentially a t-shirt /magazine monthly subscription in one. (And self-described totally bullshit-free product, which is perfect because I get PISSED when my clothing bullshits me.) Let me break it down for you:

For each month's "issue," the T-Post team decides on a relevant, interesting news story from one of the most-voted stories from their site. They then send it to one of the international artists in their rolodex (who is different each issue) and have them come up with a design based on the news story. BAM! The design is printed on a t-shirt and shipped off to subscribers all over the world. And the coolest part? The news story itself is printed on the inside--

So when someone's like, "Yooooo I'm totally diggin' your shirt--what's it mean bro?" you can be all like BAM!...and whip it off so they can read the article.

A creative concept that--while sparking deep and meaningful convos, naturalllllly--also inspires people to get topless?! Now that's a cause we can all get behind, eh?

Check out the sa-weet previous issues and get yo' subscription on at tpostmag.com.

For a sliiiiightly more thorough explanation, check out their killer vid:



Note: The tees would go GREAT with a pair of Hari Maris...perhaps over a swimsuit...or just, ya know, with jeans.



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