Super Bowl: Healthy food tips

Posted by admin on Sunday, February 5, 2012

It's that anticipated time of the year again... Super Bowl Sunday!

As a huge Patriots fan, I am definitely looking forward to this intense rematch. Yes I'm a Brady lover... what crazy woman wouldn't be? Let's face it (non-Patriot fans), Brady's on a steam roll and hungry for revenge. Speaking of which, what are you cooking up for your Super Bowl party?

As a tribute to this "tough-man" sport and the Brady bunch, I've suggested a few healthy tips to help lower the amount of  calorie intake you will be chowing down during the game with a quick exchange of ingredients in recipes that are easy to prep and your guests will absolutely love.

So healthy food and football don't really go together, but according to Huffpost Healthy Living the the average American football fan will eat a day's worth of calories during the game.  Makes you rethink whether to sever chilli dogs or just pass on the idea completely.

Healthy tips:

Skip the tortilla chips: They are high in sodium and worst of all deep fried. Try Benitos Black Bean or Pinto Bean Chips, which offer 600mg omega-3 fatty acids per serving, and they taste great with avocado dip. Not convinced? Still want those salty tortilla chips? Then look for the Tostitos multi-grain brand.

Bake it, don't fry it: You can turn or keep any food item healthy, by simply baking it. For example: Jalapeno poppers, potato chips, hot wings, pigs-in-a-blanket, and crispy tacos. Stay away from the cooking oil.

Use reduced fat items. If preparing a dish or casserole, buy products that are either reduced in fat or fat free. You could definitely save a couple hundred calories by doing so. Consider this option when purchasing condiments.

Limit the beer. If you can't avoid it, then limit the amount you drink. Each beer bottle contains around 100 calories or more, add that to the amount of food you'll be snacking on... and the numbers add up. So be a wiser football fanatic and drink Budweiser Select 55, you can have two for the amount of a regular beer.

5. Don't over eat! Over the course of the game, a very entertaining half time (let's hope!), and hilarious commercials, you will probably stop and realize that you have been stuffing your face with chips & salsa for the last hour and a half. Talk about a dietary fumble! Yes it's hard to say "no" to the melting cheese pizza and the spicy buffalo wings when everyone else is eating them, but if you limit yourself or stay away from the unhealthy food you won't have the feeling of regret later (or possible heart burn and bloating).

Hope you take these tips into consideration and let me know what you did to make your Super Bowl watch party a healthy one!




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