Super Bowl XLVI: Recapping a Rematch

Posted by admin on Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl 46 is in the books, and for the most part, delivered a thrilling final game of the NFL season.

No need to go into grave details, because after all, it was the Super Bowl.

It should be acknowledged that after the NFC/AFC championship games, I made a prediction on this blog (at the end if you want to see with your own eyes). Not only did I call that the underdog Giants would win, but I also said Eli would have 300+ passing yards (He had 296, give me a break!) and I predicted a four point victory for the Giants (predicted 28-24) and the actual final score was 21-17-- a four point victory.

So for whats it's worth, this is my "told you so" moment.

The game, in my opinion, was thrilling from kickoff to the final hail-mary that ended the game. Just like this David Tyree catch from the Super Bowl four years ago, Mario Manningham had a miraculous catch that kept the Giants alive.

Mario Manningham's incredible catch to keep the Giant's Super Bowl dreams alive

The rest is all history.

The Patriots stormed off the field as the red and blue confetti showered down. It wasn't long after the final whistle before they handed Eli Manning his MVP trophy. That's right, his second MVP trophy, to go along with his second Super Bowl. So not only has he eclipsed his big brother Peyton, but he's also equaled rival Tom Brady with Super Bowl MVP's. Surpassing expectations, he's starting to be looked at as Eli(te) Manning, and certainly one of the best in the game right now.

Also, I cant pass on this opportunity to post a picture of Tom Brady after the epic loss....

But I will be fair, and finish with what I think is one of the funniest pictures of Eli Manning I've ever seen.

Eli before/during final play of the game....

and...Buh..Buh...Buh...Buh.....it's over!!!!

Adorable isn't he?

Well, it was a great one, and that's all we can really ask for as football fans.



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