Study Tips To Help You Ace Finals.

Posted by admin on Wednesday, May 11, 2011

So it is finals time, probably one of the worst times of the semester. Days filled with coffee, redbull and no sleep define the last week or so of tests until it is truly summertime. So here are some study tips to help you get through yet another final period.

1. Give Yourself Enough Time. Now, it may be a little too late for this tip (depending on when you're final is) but when you start studying early, you have enough time to ask your ta or professor any questions you may stumble upon. Although last minute cramming may help you get that 82 you needed on your final, the best way to truly learn and know the information is to start studying a week or so in advance.

2. Use an Agenda. If you're studying for more than one final, planning out your study time will help. Keeping an agenda of a rough schedule of when you will study will help you feel more accomplished. Sometimes studying can drag on forever but if you know you only have 45 minutes on one subject until you can take a quick break or start looking at something different, it may help you power through.

3. Set Up a Study Area. This is just an area where you can spread out with your notes, pencils, pens, books, etc. Someplace where you are comfortable and where there is little distraction—that means no TV or blaring music - is probably best. Libraries are a good place to post up plus sometimes seeing others studying as well reminds you that you're not alone - we are all suffering through finals week together.

4. Look at the Big Picture. How many pages in total do you have to study? How much time? If you have 50 pages to read in 3 hours, that is roughly 17 pages an hour. That’s not so bad! In fact, if you really focused, I bet you could read all those pages in an hour. You can even write down what pages to study and when in your agenda!

5. Make Your Own Notes. Look at the chapter or unit or section. What are the titles, heading and subheadings? Are there any bolded words? Write these down. These are key words, and they are great indicators to help you know what the material is about. Plus you tend to learn things better when you write them out.

6. Put it in Your Own Words. This is known a paraphrasing and it’s a great technique to help you really understand the material. Memorization and rote repetition? That’s for robots! You need to understand the material to succeed and what's a better way of doing that then rewriting the notes in your own words.

7. Cover, Recite and Check. So you may wonder how to paraphrase? It’s as easy as reading over a page, a paragraph, or a sentence, then covering it up, and saying it back in your own words. See how close you were. Once you got that down try to shorten the sentence to a few key words.

8. Don't Study the Stuff You Know Well. Start with the most challenging sections and move on from there. There is no point studying material that you are confident you know. A quick review to make sure you remember everything is enough.

So happy studying readers! Good luck on all your finals!!


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