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Posted by admin on Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Let the madness begin. The Austin City Limits Music Festival is back again with another lineup of a lifetime. As always, the music will make sweet love to your ears, the stage shows will be stellar, and the concertgoers will be flaunting their best festival get-ups. For anyone with a fashion fetish, ACL brings the perfect opportunity to scope out new styles and drool over the concert outfits of your dreams. This year, however, create an awesome festival ensemble of your own with these cute, yet practical ideas.

Beat the heat with style. Everyone knows a concert venue full of sweaty people makes for hot temperatures. Sport a pair of high-waisted shorts with a bustier top. You’ll be sweat-free and sexy.

ACL Outfits

Also, make sure you pick the right pair of shoes. You’ll be walking, sitting down and standing in line; you want to be comfortable. Wear your favorite pair of tennis shoes or lace up your combat boots. Either way, your toes will thank you later.

Moreover, invest in a fanny pack, a crossover shoulder bag, or a backpack. You will need something to stash your cash in or somewhere to stuff a water bottle. Just keep in mind, your bag of choice needs straps; clutching your necessities will get old fast.

ACL bags


In addition, ACL lasts all day long, which means the temperature is subject to change. In Austin, the weather at night can be much cooler than the heat you faced during the day. Bring along a light sweater or hoodie (as long as it fits in your bag), and you won’t shiver during the late night shows and after-shows.

ACL light jackets

Because you’ll be busy partying all day long, don’t waste time styling your mane. The humidity, the heat and the constant action call for a no-mess, carefree hairstyle. Try a fun headband, a cute hat and a ponytail, or a sweet braid with some standout hairpins. Keep it simple.

ACL hair ideas

This Friday, when you’re staring at yourself in the mirror and you’re about ready to hit Zilker Park for your incredible weekend of ACL, ask yourself one more thing, "Am I comfortable?" You've paid way too much money to be yanking at your shorts wedgie or tugging at a shirt that continually rides up your stomach. No matter what outfit you choose, be you and be comfortable.

Looking for more outfit ideas? Let these killer ACL attires be your muse:


ACL muses

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