Stay Thirsty, My Friends.

Posted by admin on Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Please, brace yourself.  There are a few things you should know first. Sharks, have a week dedicated to him. He is the life of the party, even when he doesn't attend. He speaks fluent French, in Russian.  Most of all, he stared at the sun, and the sun was blinded since. This is The Most Interesting Man in the World.  Created by fans, and those who watch- this is what makes him so interesting.

A show by my favorite brewery, Dos Equis, this was a commercial that I couldn't keep my eyes off of. Always drawing attention, always letting people know about what I saw and learned next, even having my pop call me, "have you seen it?" This caught everyone's attention, everywhere.

Dos equis and "The Most Interesting Academy" created a show, "The Most Interesting Show in the World" hosted by Andrew W. K. The Show puts together very interesting performances from around the world for a tour in seventeen cities. Jenny Baker and I were able to interview Andrew before the show. Now let me recap- what is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word: 'partying'.  Drinking? Booze? Wasted? Sure. We all do. And from Andrew's perspective? He sees it as living life.  Living it not to just simply, 'live it' but to the fullest. Everyday.  No one knows when their time is up,  so why waste ANY time?  From his twitter, @AndrewWK he posts several 'PARTY TIPS' for his fans to take on. One of my favorites:

Can we try this? Imagine living everyday as if it's that 'kick ass party'.  How much fun would we have? Most of all, how badass would that be?  Taking on a different perspective on PARTYING, Andrew W. K. I thank you for that.  I will party everyday. I will make sure my parents party everyday.  Heck, I'll even make sure my grandma parties.

Before the show started, we were able to meet with Elliot Zimet, an illusionist who was able to show us great tricks-- one that included picking a card from the deck- later to find it in his boot and another where I turned out to be holding it in the shape of a match box! Interesting!

This show first kicked off with The Great Merlini.  He was able to push his limits and was trapped in a tank of water for about 21 minutes-- a new world record! Opening the show to this act was one to draw attention.

When he was able to recover from holding his breath (I can't even walk and chew gum at the same time more less hold my breath for a minute) next to kick off the show was Hannah and Elsa, The Ice Sisters.  After being able to squeeze their body into the tiniest of places, they turned their fun into art which brought them to this show.

Elliot Zimet, who gave us a sneak peak before the show started then took the stage.  From making pigeons turn into a parrot and moving from the stage and suddenly appearing in the audience, there were a bunch of 'oohs and ahhs' taking place.

The Bubble Man created an outfit and was quite frankly, most interesting for me to photograph.  Capturing himself in a suit, trapped in a bubble was indeed interesting for me and I couldn't keep my eyes off.

Thanks to Dos Equis, The Most Interesting Show/Man in the World, Matt Dianella, and Daniel Pineyro for allowing Study Breaks to attend and have a great interview!

Check out the show and dates at www.mostinterestingshow.com


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