Spring Must Have Items

Posted by admin on Friday, April 6, 2012
Spring watch list

I just thought I'd share some items on my shopping list for this spring season.

  1. Color block pants. At first sight, these novel pants may come off as tacky or clownish, but if you accessorize them right and wear them to a fitting occasion, you will definitely stand out from the rest of the trouser-wearers around you--in a good way! These have already been spotted on runways and fashion blogs, so it's only a matter of time until they've made their way onto the streets. They can be the "new" trousers, and purchasing these makes for an easy spring update to your closet. They'll continue to be big in fall 2012, but will most likely cost more then, so invest now!
  2. Pastel wedges. I can't get enough pastel in my life lately. Go all out this easter weekend and splurge on some pastel wedges! These particular wedges are color block, which as you can see, is a huge trend this season from pants to shoes. Most women don't own pastel wedges, so it's highly unlikely you'll ever have to worry about having the same shoes as anyone else at a party!
  3. Dangerous arm parties. I'm sure you've heard of the phrase "arm party" AKA a collection of different bangles, baubles, and bracelets jingling on one wrist. Well this spring, I'm really into "dangerous" pieces with spikes, studs, and other various self defense pieces. You can find these for cheapsies at Forever21, eBay, or splurge on designer spikes like THESE bad boyz.
  4. 20's inspirations. What I like about this dress is that it's not overtly 20's-costumey. It's very subtle. It has that iconic drop-waist silhouette, and that is all you need to be on-trend this season. Many designers embraced 20's fashion through intricate beading, drop waists, and fringe. I'm all about it! The trick is to not look like you're a flapper on halloween.
  5. Peplum. Everyone looks good in a peplum pencil skirt. The pencil skirt streamlines your legs, elongating them, then the peplum both ups the feminine factor and tames the hips. Wear a knee-length peplum skirt in a modest color to work, or rock a mini peplum dress LIKE THIS ONE to the bars.
  6. Cap toe pumps. If you haven't read THIS before then feel free to check it when you're done reading this blog post.
  7. Funky shades. Round, cat eye, heart-shaped--I'm sunglass-crazy this season! My next pair will look something like these--a little androgynous and funky. Tinted, round, and patterned. Read more about trendy sunglasses HERE!

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