Spring Break Safety with StreetSafe

Posted by admin on Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Spring Break is a non-official, nationally recognized collegiate holiday. It's a week-long party. College kids go all out with the partying, traveling, vacationing, etc. But Spring Break also presents all the dangers of alcohol consumption and an unknown destination. Be safe with these tips, courtesy of StreetSafe, a personal security service for smart phones.


Get your guard up. Or rather, don't let your guard up. Just because you're in a different city or town, it doesn't mean that all your usual safety precautions are out the window. Still be aware of your surroundings, what's in your cup, etc.

Be aware. As always, knowledge is power. Study up (just a little!) on the place you are visiting beforehand. If there are local dangers (e.g. don't be caught on Fifth St. past five), past vacationers are sure to warn you via Internet resources.

The Buddy System. Just like the kindergarten sacred ritual of pairing up to protect from kidnappers, the grown version of the buddy system ensures that no one person is left alone and more vulnerable to attack.


Stranger Danger. Yes, even that hot guy across the bar falls into this category. By all means get to know him, so he's no longer a stranger, but until then, don't accept rides or go off alone with him.

Sober up. Just kidding! Go ahead and get your drink on. But you shouldn't drink in excess in a foreign city. We all know, alcohol reduces reflexes, impairs judgement and basically makes you a super easy target for anyone who might be searching for said target.

Don't get drugged, please. Number one party rule -- don't leave your drink anywhere unattended! Why would you want to anyway? If you do set your cup down for a moment, you run the risk of being slipped drugs.

Stay in public places. Well-lit, well-populated places on the way home are golden. Also be sure you know the way home or to any other destination you'll be headed to so that you minimize the change of getting lost.

Lock your door. It may seem obvious or overly simple but sometimes it slips the mind. Particularly in an intoxicated state.

Upgrade your personal security. Want a virtual bodyguard walking with you at all times? StreetSafe is a mobile personal security system that uses a smart phone's GPS to connect to help before an emergency occurs. The "Walk with Me" feature allows you to connect with a Safety Advisor instantly in a situation where you feel threatened.

What to wear while you're rocking out and staying safe? Check out The Uneven Hem.

And if you want your party to overlap into the remainder of the Spring semester,transfer to one of these schools: Top Party Schools 2012.


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