SPOTIFY joins forces with ROLLING STONE and more

Posted by admin on Friday, December 30, 2011

More like SpotiFLY--this guy's diggin' it

You know how it goes. You're getting your online music stream on when--Oh my god, I LOVE this song! 

Obviously, you immediately check out what you're server is spinnin', instantly make a mental note to memorize every song the artist has produced and start saving for a VW bus so you can follow them around the country on their North American tour. (Just me?)

Then--Oh shit! Jonas brothers are on!

Anddd...you're distracted. (I wonder where they got those skinny jeans...)

If only there wasn't an extra step involved to--I don't know--read about the band, get the song lyrics, buy concert tickets--you MIGHT have actually gotten around to it...before getting (understandably) distracted by the best boy band trio since Hanson.

Well Spotify is trying to eliminate the extra step so you don't have to go to all the trouble of, ya know, clicking on the "new tab" button and risk being sidetracked by......

Wait, what was I talking about? Oh yeah--

Well, the music-streaming mavericks at Spotify are partnering with a bunch of music-oriented companies to compile every music-lover's needs in one place. They've joined forces with:

  •  Rolling Stone, which will integrate its end-of-the-year issue (and every future issue) with Spotify's service so reader's can INSTANTLY (the key word) play the songs featured in the articles
  • Songkick, which lists upcoming concerts by location and will enable users to buy tickets to shows by the artist they're listening to currently
  • TuneWiki, which will sync with Spotify to provide lyrics for every song and prevent embarrassing karaoke moments (like I had a few Tuesdays ago with Eminem's "Ass like that" because apparently there are words besides--uhh--ass like that)
  • Moodagent, which makes music recommendations and will play DJ for you and configures playlists
Multiple music needs in one place? Touche, Spotify, Touche.
Now for some karaoke redemption...
"Cleanin' Out My Closet", perhaps?

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