Sports Illustrated Model Marisa Miller Shares Her Top Stay-Slim Tips

Posted by admin on Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I know all of us are constantly trying to figure out what's really going to make us lose weight--well, why not ask one of the most successful supermodels since 2001? Betcha can't guess what her number one trick is (but you're going to wish you did). Miller recently interviewed with Women's Health and dished on how she's actually very shy (yeah, right) and her slightly unconventional ways of staying thin.

First thing on her list? Here we go, guys: eating naked. That's right--the sexy supermodel likes to eat completely in the nude. Why? I mean, does it really matter? But seriously, Miller claims that the first step to improving your body is by being aware of it, so what better way to do that then by looking at it while you eat? Betcha can't eat a whole bag of potato chips while standing in front of the mirror.

Her other quirky piece of advice? Don't snack on your boy's munchies. Miller said she gained 10 pounds when she first met her husband, so separate your snacks in the pantry--and keep away from his cake and soda.

Her other tips include prepping food ahead of time, portion control, and swapping fatty foods for leaner options. Check out her full interviews and health advice here, and tweet us your success with eating naked at @StudyBreaks

Good luck!


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