South By So What 2012; How It Measures Up

Posted by admin on Monday, March 19, 2012

I decided to forego my last spectacular day at Austin's SXSW this year and attend Dallas' competing festival, aptly (and hilariously) named South By So What. How did it measure up to our beloved 6th street (cough cough one of the biggest festivals in the world) music shenanigans? Well, besides a long wait to get inside and some scorching heat, I was slightly impressed.

Nothing will compare to SXSW, but this is about as close as it gets. There was food (overpriced, as usual), three stages of intense rock, mosh pits (i.e. broken noses, etc), and sexy musicians galore as I ran my ass off around QuikTrip park to get you all the best look at South By So What. So, take a look at the video I made of the festival below, and give me your input on how it compares to SXSW on Twitter at @sheynarae!


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