Sleepless in Austin

Posted by admin on Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We've all been there at some point. We've all had a 20 page paper due that you could have possibly done earlier, but there were so many other things (such as parties) that had to be taken care of first. We've also came across multiple instances where we have a billion tests on the same week, and  feel as though every little hour of studying counts for that very last test.

We look through our schedules and think about what the week entails...or maybe we didn't and that is the reason why we find out that a test is on the following day.

Regretfully, we realize that a all-nighter is more likely than not very eminent in the mere future. F to the M to the L .

Before you end up being the student who has to think of one of  those seven excuses for turning your assignment in late or bombing your test without a fight, you suck it (and a whole lot of caffeine) up and stay awake through your class the next day. You take the test or turn in that huge assignment and realize in your tired brain that you have a full load day ahead of you. And for the rest of the day you feel like jelly inside and think wishfully for your bed, which never comes. You're exhausted and sleep deprived and vow that you will never do this all nighter stuff again. That is until there actually is a next time... yet again. Not cool at all.

Although all- nighters are apart of the college life, you want to make sure that you keep these instances to a bare minimal.  Here are three ways to make that happen:

1)  Plan ahead. If you know you have five tests coming up in one week, get to studying immediately. Putting some of your social life on hold will be worth it in the end knowing that you have everything under control early.

2) If you get caught up in the fact that you have too much going for one night, it's better to just go to sleep. There's no use in putting yourself through all of the extra distress when it won't help you anyway. It's best to do as much as possible within a reasonable time

3) If you absolutely have to stay up for a very long period, the least you can do is sleep a few hours before or after you study. If you have discipline and an 9 am class, try to sleep a little around 5am. If you don't have discipline, then it's probably best that you sleep beforehand like around 6 or 7 pm and wake up around 10 or 11. Studies show that even a few hours of sleep can help prepare the brain for the day. No sleep is the equivalent of almost being drunk!

Good luck friends. It's all about taking it one day (or night) at a time or else you'll be like this dude on the Youtube vid![youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tqreZxz73I&feature=related[/youtube]


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