Sh!t everyone's thinking, but no one says.

Posted by admin on Friday, May 25, 2012

It was an American movie classic that will be celebrated for years to come. A classic tale of two men just trying to make a difference in the world. Yes, I’m talking about White Chicks. White Chicks introduced the world to a line that was so dynamic, so major, so inspiring that it was reiterated nonstop in middle school campuses across America. Quote reiteration that was almost at Mean Girls proportions:

“You were thinking ittttt, but you said ittttt.†-Brit and Tiff Wilson


In honor of this glorious line and because I really enjoy talking shit, I’ve come up with a list of things everybody’s thinking, but no one says. Yes, I speak for everyone.  Yes, you can comment more things you're thinking. Yes, if you're cute,  you can follow me on twitter. ;)

  1. Do you realize that you’re riding a bicycle in a car lane? If so, can you move the hell out of the way? Unless you’re hot, at which point, can you slow down so I can get a good look?
  2. Is wearing running shorts to class everyday a requirement to be a Sorority girl?
  3. Can Betty White be immortal?

    Is this Madonna or Betty White?

  4. Who’s Madonna?
  5. That bitch knows that picture isn’t ugly; if she really thought so, why would she post it? She thinks she's cute fishing for compliments…..I'm going to be fake and like it anyway and write something inspiring like “Giiiiirl, shut up. You’re so pretty!â€â€¦â€¦â€¦whore.
  6. Kim Kardashian should be everyone’s hero.

    Odds are you're beautiful, if not, you better own itttt!

  7. Why is this girl wearing Aeropostale?
  8. Why is this boy wearing Aeropostale?
  9. Why is Aeropostale even open?
  10. “No makeup†pictures aren’t for everyone.
  11. What’s a Mitt Romney?
  12. Why isn’t Lady Gaga running for president?
  13. What ever happened to that Kony guy? Did we get him? Because I spent like 30 dollars on one of those damn action kits…
  15. Yeah, you swagged out. But why you on the bus stop?
  16. Yeah, you swagged out. But how much swag can their possibly be in that one snapback?

    Imma let you finish but...

  17. Yeah. You swagged out. But why you still trying to pass TAKS?
  18. Kanye was right.
  19. There’s a very big line between Thick and Morbidly Obese.
  20. Who the hell does Jason Derulo think he is?
  21. Michael Jackson is not a genre of dance.
  22. When the hell is a quality Mean Girls 2 going to be made?
  23. Why’re you dressed like you’re going to the club? This is a mall!

And last, but certainly not least:

When is Zayn Malik from One Direction going to admit that he’s in a relationship with Gregory Tate ;)


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