Shine on with Glitter Mascara

Posted by admin on Thursday, December 8, 2011

You've got the sequined skirt, you've got the sparkly pumps... 

You might as well complete the human disco ball effect and add some bling to your eyelashes with some kick-ass glitter mascara. You can't go wrong on an excess-friendly holiday like New Year's Eve, so go balls out and accessorize yo' face with some metallic, glimmery or smoky shades. Drama's not fun, unless it's in the form of makeup. (Check out this site for tips.)

I have to admit, I am semi-hesitant about the possibility of shimmery shards of glitter falling into my eye and causing unfortunate things to happen...like you know, blindness (or--ew--pink eye)...but hey--live on the wild side.

If I go blind, at least I'll look muh fuggin FIERCE doin' it.


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