Shia LaBeouf goes full-frontal nude in weirdest. music. video. ever. WATCH HERE

Posted by admin on Wednesday, June 20, 2012

a goddamn enjoyable google imaging experience


So. You liked  him on Even Stevens during your Disney Channel phase, Transformers was aight with it's explosions and robots and whatever, and though he was kind of a dick when he called out Megan Fox for hooking up with him on set (while she was with that other bro), you gotta admit--hell--if you hooked up with Megan Fox you'd want to publicize that shit on national TV too.

But Shia LeBeouf's latest onscreen appearance is really just...f----n strange.

In fact, it runs the gamut between  f-----n strange and, like, seriously, what the f--- is happening?! The actor's latest...umm....artistic...foray involves a starring role in a short film set to an instrumental tune by Icelandic band Sigur Ros  called  Fjögur PÃanó (which, as far as I can tell, roughly translates to WHO THE HELL SLIPPED HALLUCINOGENS IN MY COFFEE?! ).

The 7-ish minute video, to give you a vague idea, involves the following:

-Kissing dead butterflies

-Magic light-up lollipops that might actually be drugs but I'm not sure

-A car that goes underwater...oh no they're just imagining it because of the lollipops...oh wait they're underwater again...no..yes...huh?

-Some painful-looking skin slicing

-Oh, and full-frontal nudity

Now normally, I'd be totez down for some Shia LaBeouf exposure. Homeboy got hot--ain't nuttin' wrong with that. But really, at this point, hell...I'm just trying not to make Holes jokes.

Watch fo' yourself:





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