Sexiest Clothes on Guys

Posted by admin on Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nothing makes walking to class more enjoyable than some hot man eye candy. As for the bar, the better a guy looks, the better his chances are. So guys, make sure you shower, shave that stubble, spray on that cologne and to throw on one or more of these sexy clothing items.


Classy Jeans
Nothing looks better on a guy than a nice pair of jeans that, and this is key, actually fit him! The tighter, the better. Now I am in no way talking skinny-jeans tight but the less baggy, the more we can see your tush (yes boys, girls like the butt too, so don't be afraid to flaunt it... subtly).


The V-Neck
Now, guys, let's not get crazy with this. Girls don't really want to see your chest hair so let's keep the V subtle, yet still sexy. Whether a simple v-neck tee or a v-neck sweater, you can dress this look up with a nice pair of jeans and hit the clubs, or dress it down and head to class.


The Polo
One of the classiest tops a guy can wear, polos have been around for ages, yet never get old. Guys in polos just look sophisticated. Paired with a pair of nice jeans or shorts, this look is timeless and irresistible. Need the perfect polo? Check out Kembrel's blog.


This look, if done right, is the hottest thing ever. Period. However, watch the size of the boxed pattern guys, and perhaps more importantly, watch the color. Few girls lust over a guy who looks like a lumberjack and the color pink should just be cut out all together.


On those chilly days, it is all about how you keep yourself warm. Wear the right jacket and girls fantasize about how you can keep them warm. There are many jacket options these days, from the casual hoodie to the dressier peacoat, the classier and more fit the coat, the sexier you look.

I guess the golden rule is this: No matter what you're wearing, make sure you wear it right. Don't buy a shirt two times too big and don't buy jeans that can't stay up on your waist. If you really want to keep up on the latest guy trends, see what the hottest guy stars are wearing. The more you look like Zac Efron or Robert Pattinson, the more luckier you'll get.


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