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Posted by admin on Tuesday, November 29, 2011

At this time of the semester college students stay up all night studying, stress out about finals and take too much adderall. The proclaimed Hell Week has begun and some students are questioning whether all of this college craziness is worth it. What if it didn't have to be this way? What if your finals were fun? What if your finals were all about SEX? This will be the case for the students enrolled in the world's first sex school. You heard me. SEX SCHOOL.

The Austrian International School of Sex will begin it's first classes Jan. 9 of the new year. The school will charge $1,850 a semester in which a student will take five classes and three special intensive classes. Who would want to skip class at this school? Enrollment began a week ago and classes are already filling up fast.

All of the classes will focus on how to become a better lover. Ylva Maria Thompson, the school's headmistress, asks "You have trained your mind, your muscles, your fitness, but how much time have you spent developing your skills at what really matters... love?"

Not only will students get to learn and practice sex throughout the course of the semester, each student will also receive their own ipad when they are enrolled. Come, on. REALLY?

Yes. Jealous much?

The school's commercial has already been banned off Austria cable because it is too racy. Luckily you can check it out right here!


If that doesn't get your blood pumping I don't know what will. So, next semester when you are stressing out and wanting college to be over, just remember what the students of AISOS will be doing. If you want to learn more, or possibly enroll, check out the school's website here.

Do you think that learning about sex is an important part of a school's curriculum? Tweet me your thoughts @allisonasbury!



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